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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Must Have Accessories: Bracelets Kiel James Patrick !!!

 Kiel James Patrick designs accessories for his self-named company, both native of Rhode Island. He began combining tartans with paisleys, plaids with stripes etc., into small accessories such as belts, bracelets and scarves. It soon became known in his area that I was making these unique pieces and before long he had others who wanted them to satisfy their own need to rebel in a subtle way. 

  The lifestyle he is selling is classic New England effortless elegance. His designs bleed summers in the Cape and Jamestown. Everyone who is making KJP products is a Rhode Islander who shares the same love for conserving a classically inspired style.

In college he began selling the wristbands out of his dorm. He sold his bracelets at a local craft show and sold hundreds. He started getting buttons made with his logo and stores started contacting him. Eventually he started a website.

  A small tip from KJP: With this economy it’s not a great idea to buy that $600 dress when you can use the wardrobe you already have and dress it up. Something small can change your outfit — adding a belt or an earring can make an old outfit look completely new...

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