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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

David Beckham: The Ultimate Male LifeStyle Icon

        First of all i want to wellcome you in this new blog and i hope you like it...!!!


As a great fun of Beckham's style my first post is about him:

Why He is A Style Icon

Mark Simpson, the man credited with coining the term “metrosexual,” was the first to hail David Beckham as the ultimate metrosexual. Simpson appears to have been right on the money, as while on the pitch the ex-England captain is a man who loves being in the thick of the action, off-field he’s a man very comfortable with his masculinity who enjoys wearing, well, everything. From suits to hoodies, chunky boots, leather, tattoos, skimpy swimsuits, and sarongs.

Follow Beckh's Way:

The secret to bending it like Beckham is to mix things up. Always keeping people guessing requires staying on top of trends, knowing your basics, adopting a willingness to wear items out of context, rotating your look regularly, and not being afraid to break all the style rules. No wonder fashionable people everywhere admire David Beckham: He’s inspiring, confident and fun, everything fashion is all about.